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This page will remain a work-in-progress as it reports on the latest changes, additions, and updates.. (now if I could just remember to add things here as I do them.....)

I added the outline for the 1940 Census, but have no data so I'm looking for volunteers to populate it (as well as for other missing information) 27 Apr 2014
I sent the paper files collected by Ernest Spencer and Tedd Rowley up to New England Historic Genealogical Society for their manuscript collection which is their Archive or they can visit the site in Boston and see the collection themselves.  I would also like to see others add to this collection. (You don't have to be members of NEHGS to do this.) Also anyone who would like to contribute to the publishing of the Rowley multi-branch book genealogy is welcome to add to the annuity I am leaving the NEHGS. 24 Jan 2017
Added DNA Page and modified 25 Feb 2017
Updated Branch 9 Researchers email addresses 21 Feb 2019
This is a call to All Rowley Researchers to assist in the payment of the publication of the culmination of the research on the Rowley Branches. The books, Rowley Branches, will be published and printed by New England Historic Genealogial Society (NEHGS). Publication means preparing for printing from the raw material in the Rowley database and is the arguably the biggest cost in preparing a book. To participate in this noble endeavor, please contact Steve Solomon at or 617-226-1238 to make arrangements to make a one time or monthly payment to the Rowley Fund. 16 Feb 2019
Updating the DNA page to reflect comparison opportunities. If you are a direct male Rowley descendant who has taken a test and are willing to share it, please contact Judith Bramlage with the your DNA results and the Branch you are in. With Corelation at FamilyTreeDNA and well documented trees, we have been able to identify those descended from Branch One. 16 Feb 2019
Updated Chart 1-7.0259 17 Aug 2019
Updated Chart 1 and 1-7.1052 24 Nov 2021

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