Looking for Rowleys?

Unfortunately, with the change in website, this page will need to be re-written. Obviously, this should be high on my priorities. Anyone wishing to volunteer will be listened to. 

Meanwhile, I suggest you use the Google Site Search.  This Advanced Google Search Link will take you to a search page where you can force the search to be limited to this site. Unfortunately (a favorite word currently), this won't work until Google gets around to finding this site and adding it to its search index. Then you should be able to use either www.rowleyresearch.org or www.flint.com for domain limitation.

There are a number of various ways this searcher can be used.  However, since we are searching for ancestors, and they may have a surname of Rowley or Rowlee or Rowle or Roule, etc. it would probably be simpler just to put in the given name and the results would cover the whole gamut of surnames.  (Just remember, when you put the name Reuben in, all the records containing Reuben, whether Rowley-related or not, will show up.) 

Another search would be to enter the Spencer Number.  This search would yield all the records related to that Rowley (or in the case of the 7th generation it would give his descendents also).


Last Modified 02/05/17