Welcome to the Rowley Registry, an endeavor targeted at streamlining the research efforts of researchers of the Rowley surname.

The intent is to extract and place online any and all source records relating to our family surname, whether it be spelled R-O-W-L-E-Y, R-O-W-L-E-E, R-0-L-E-Y, R-O-W-L-E or any other variations that exist. The type of records we speak of are vital records, censuses, church records, court records or any other source record where those names appear..

Click on the Rowley Web Searcher and it will bring up a search engine that allows you to enter any word or name and, when you ask it to start, will search for EVERY instance of the name entered.  Actually, you can use it not only for individual names, but for cities, states, types of documents - you think of it - try it. It is especially useful for searching out instances of the Spencer Number.

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[NOTE:  NYGBR 37-- New York Genealogical and Biographical Register, Volume 37, January 1906, contains Homer W. Brainard's article, HENRY ROWLEY AND SOME OF HIS DESCENDANTS.  This is a transcript of that article.]

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