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These entries have been made for Rowley surname researchers. This page is NOT limited by the way the name is spelled. It is here and available for Rawley, Roley, Rowley, Rowle, Rowlee etc., and, of course, descendants of those names. We welcome you all!

If you would like to add a query or post an answer to a query, Click here. Be sure to mark queries "NEW QUERY" and responses to numbered queries, the "QUERY # ANSWER." Or you can send me a page of notes that would interest other researchers. Send email to

There are two ways to search the query pages:

Once you are have brought up a page, and you want to search for a particular person, press CTRL F.  Type in the name and click on ENTER. Then click NEXT until it tells you are there are no more instances of that name. This will work on other pages, too.

Alternatively, go to the SEARCHER and enter the name.  This will find the files that have content to match your entry.

As a special type of query, we have what we call MYSTERIES. We're looking for answers, so don't ask us for the 'right' one.

Archive 1 starting April 1996
Archive 2 starting Aug 1996
Archive 3 continuing Aug 1996
Archive 4 starting June 1997
Archive 5 starting Sept 1997
Archive ? Townsend Query, March 2002
Trenton NJ Notes Notes on Rowleys in NJ
Non- U. S. Queries 2002,,,

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