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National Genealogical Society Quarterly


The Nation Genealogical Society Quarterly, a publication of the National Genealogical Society has had 85 volumes and four supplements.  The society was formed in 1903, has 17,000 plus members, and is the largest genealogical society focused nationally.  Their website is

Volume 2-9
Notice of a death of Silas Rowley, age 94, of Bloomfield, CT.

Volume 4-55
Records pertaining to grandchildren of Mayflower passengers:  John Fuller marries Mehitable Rowley.

Volume 12-14
Martin Rowley listed as a resident of Russell, Hampden Co., Mass.

Volume 22-80
Mention of Capt. Abijah Rowley's Company.

Volume 24-124
Mention of Capt. Abijah Rowley's Company.

Volume 29-50
Marriage of Sarah Rowley to John Dumbleton, 24 Dec. 1819.

Volume 31-98
Estate of Ebenezer Olds.  Heirs:  Phoebe, Jane, Abigain, Ebenezer, and Hiel Rowley.

Volume 33-87
Abstract of pension file of Branch 3 Timothy Rowley.

Volume 38-131
Death of young Jonathan Rowley on Lake Champlain- American Revolution.

Volume 47-199
Report on counterfeiting in Connecticut & Shubael Rowley.

Volume 49-236
Will of Richard Bryan.  John Rowley was security, 15 May 1704.

Volume 52-78
Baptism of Betsy Rowley, 9 Jan 1820, Rotterdam, NY.

Volume 55-137
Index of Wills (1776-1829).  #2879 David Rowley, Aug 11, 1778.

Volume 56-149
Dec. 1740- Inventory of Estate of David Sharwood.  Lists Jesey Rowley- 1 fine siffter.

Volume 66-121
Natchez Loyal Volunteers:  Rowley, William, Corporal (CM).

Volume 68-188
Court minutes, Albany Co., NY.  Reuben Rowley, Seth Rowley named.

Volume 70-247
Carrington family article, land in 1656 adjoined Seath Rowley in Virginia.

Volume 74-141
Dutchess Co., NY residents 1761-63:  The following Rowles: Aaron, Daniel, Jonathan, Moses, Thomas, Timothy, and Isaac.

Volume 78-50
Beloit Wisconsin Company for Gold Rush:  J. H. Rowley.

Supplement #1
American Revolution pension applications of Samuel Rowlee, Abijah, Benjamin, Daniel, Eli Smith, Israel, Joseph, Joseph L., Nathan, Reuben, Seth, Seth, Silas, Thomas, Timothy,  and Timothy (again), the latter all Rowleys.

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