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The Mayflower Descendant, A: Magazine: of: Pilgrim Genealogy: and: History [MD] was originally sent free to all Society members.  George Ernest Bowman, founder of the Massacusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, was the Secretary for the Society's first 45 years, and the only editor of The Mayflower Descendant for the first 34 volumes, starting in 1899.  After he became ill, and the Great Depression depleted the Society's membership, it was discontinued.  In 1985, publication was resumed with Volume 35, and it has been published semiannually since.  It is published by the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, 101 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116.

Volume 1-81
In the estate of Peter Browne, 10 Oct 1663, reference to Goodman Rowly.

Volume 1-90
Notice of a donation by H. Curtis Rowley.

Volume 2-148
The Will of William Palmer, which mentions Moyses Rowley.

Volume 2-184
Recording membership of Henry Waite Rowley, 9th from Edward Fuller.

Volume 3-202
Will of William Gifford-- mentions "old Rowlies land at Suckanesit."

Volume 4-190
Notice of contribution by H. Curtis Rowley.

Volume 5-171
Barnstable Vital Records.  Marriage of Jonathan Hatch & Sarah Rowley; lists five of their children.

Volume 11-59
Notice of address delivered by Rev. Francis H. Rowley, D.D.

Volume 12-153
Barnstable Vital Records.  Marriage of Moses Rowley & Elizabeth Fuller; lists seven of their children.

Volume 13-7
Will of Matthew Fuller, mentioning Elizabeth Rowley, Moses Rowley, and Sarah Rowley.

Volume 13-83
Plymouth Colony Vital Records.  Marriage of Henry Rowley & Ann Blossom.

Volume 16-22
Estate of Jone Swift, listing debt of Moses Rowley, 30 May 1665.

Volume 17-94
Membership of Nancy Helen Rowley- 8th from Edward Fuller.

Volume 18-63
Inventory of Estate of Thomas Burnham, taken by Moses Rowley, 4 June 1663.

Volume 18-203
Plymouth Colony Vital Records.  Marriage of Moses Rowley & Elizabeth Fuller;  listing five of their children.

Volume 21-113
Recording death of Edith Adella Rowley, 13 April 1919.  Member # 151.

Volume 23-84
Notice of contribution by H. Curtis Rowley.

Volume 24-137.
Henry Rowley's Inventory, exhibited July 1673.

Volume 25-44
Noting contributions by Harriet S. Rowley, Warren C. Rowley.

Volume 25-46
Recording death of H. Curtis Rowley, 14 Dec 1922.  Member #259.

Volume 26-64
From the Narrative of Joel Jones, mention of Elder Rowley.

Volume 26-96
Membership of Arthur Merriam Rowley- 9th from Edward Fuller. Member #2690.

Volume 26-149
Noting contribution of H. Curtis Rowley (since deaceased).

Volume 27-151
Noting contribution of Warren C. Rowley.

Volume 29-41
Noting contribution of Harriet S. Rowley.

Volume 33-137
Thomas Dimmuck's Will-- which mentions land at Rowlies Spring.

Volume 33-168
Barnstable Vital Records.  Marriage of Josiah Fuller & Ann Rowley.

Volume 34-67
Harwich (MA) Vital Records.  Marriage of Jonathan Rowlee & Elizabeth Hopkins.

Volume 34-73
Harwich (MA) Vital Records.  Intentions of Marriage of Jonathan Rowlee Kent in Collony of Conecticut & Mrs. Elizabeth Hopkins.

Volume 35-63
Death notice:  Edith A. Rowley of Utica, NY.  Membership # 151, 1919.

Volume 35-64
Death notice.  H. Curtis Rowley of Northampton.  Membership # 259, 1922.

Volume 35-129 & 130
MSMD Documentation.  Affidavits of Warren C. Rowley.

Volume 36-17
MSMD Documentation.  Marriage of Ebenezer Rowley to Mary Church, listing nine children.

Volume 36-18
MSMD Documentation.  Abstract of Will of Moses Rowlee, 1734/5.

Volume 37-83
MSMD Documentation.  Correction to Volume 36-18.

Volume 38-176 & 177
The Fitch Diary.  Mention of Capt. Rowley.

Volume 45-73 & 74
MSMD Documentation.  Josiah Cass Rowley (incl. Bible record of Warren Rowley).

Volume 45-171
Notice of revision to the book, Mayflower Families Through 5 Generations, Edward Fuller.  Now includes Jane Fuller & Simeon Rowley.

Volume 46
No "Rowley" entries.

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