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Walter Palmer of Charlestown and Rehoboth, Massachusetts and Stonington, Connecticut.  A 400-year (1585-1985) Family History
Compiled by Doris Palmer Buys.
(Circa 1985)
Pages 286 and 379...

Genealogy of the Parke Families of Connecticut; including Robert Parke, of New London, Edward Parks, of Guilford, and Others
Compiled by Frank Sylvester Parks.
(Washington, D. C., 1906)
Pages 97, 98, 148, 149, 267 and 268.

The History and Genealogy of the Patchin-Patchen Family, Descended from Joseph Patching Who came from England to America in 1634; Settled first at Roxbury, Massachusetts, then at Fairfield, Connecticut
Grace Patchen Leggett.
(Waterbury, Connecticut, The Patchin-en Family Association, 1952)
Pages 30, 31, 42, 43, 612, 613, 631, and 632.

Andrew Patterson of Stratford, Conn., and The First Four Generations of his Descendants
Author unknown.
(1892)Page 31.

Graham Patterson of Portage, New York, His Ancestry and Descendants
Compiled by Norman George Patters.on.
(Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1961)
Pages 12 and 14.

The Patterson & Pattison Family Association Record Book No. 1
Author Unknown.
(No publication data)
Page 98.

Pease Family History
By Phillip J. Rice
(No publication data)
Page 241.

A Genealogical Account of the Descendants in the Male Line of William Peck, one of the Founders in 1638 of the Colony of New Haven, Conn.
By Darius Peck.
(Hudson, New York, Bryant & Goeltz, Steam Book Printers, 1877)
Pages 194 and 225.

John Peet, 1597-1684, of Stratford, Connecticut & His Descendants
By Terry Charles Peet.
Baltimore, Maryland, Gateway Press, Inc., 1986)
Pages 200, 201, and 221.

Captain Daniel Pepoon and Levina Phelps, his first wife; Elizabeth James, his second wife.  A Partial Record of Their Descendants and Notes Regarding Their Ancestors
By Albert Rathbone.
Pages 9 and 10.

The Story and Documentary History of the Perine House, Dongan Hills, Staten Island Headquarters of the Staten Island Antiquarian Society
By Charles Gilbert Hine.
(Staten Island, New York, Staten Island Antiquarian Society, Inc., 1915.)
Pages 26 and 27.

An Incomplete History of the Descendants of John Perry of London, 1604-1954
Compiled by Betram Adams.
(Salt Lake City, Utah, Utah Printing Co., 1955.)
Pages 387, 414, 469, 533, and 537.

The Mohawk Valley Petries and Allied Families
By Hazel Patrick.
(Publication data unknown)
Page 51.

Three Sons of Steffan Petry, 1729-1977
Compiled by Merle & Madelaine Olt Rummel.
(Baltimore, Maryland, Gateway Press, Inc., 1979)
Pages 935 and 936.


The Phelps Genealogy [title sheet and publication data missing]

Compiled by (unknown).
(Publication data unknown)
Pages 143, 170, 194, 225, 258, 539, 598, 924, 1323, and1731.

Finney-Phinney Families in America, Descendants of John Finney of Plymouth and Barnstable, Mass., and Bristol, R.I. of Samuel Finney of Philadelphia, PA, and of Robert Finney of New London, PA
By Howard Finney, Sr.
Pages 78 and 79,.

History and Genealogy of the Pomeroy Family; Collateral Lines in Family Groups; Normandy, Great Britain and America, Comprising the Ancestors and Descendants of Eltweed Pomery from Beaminster County Dorset England 1630
By Albert A. Pomeroy.
Pages 266, 267, and 537.

Pond-Adams Families and Allied Families
Compiled by Rachel Adams (Cloud) Pond.
(Unpublished Genealogical Records for NY State Library, Albany, NY, undated)
Page 54.

Genealogy of Thomas Pope (1608-1683), and His Descendants
By Dora Pope Worden, et al.
(Hamilton, NY, The Replublican Press, 1917)
Page 84.

Descendants of John Porter of Windsor, Conn.; 1635-9
Compiled by Henry Porter Anderews.
(Saratoga Springs, New York, G. W. Ball Book and Job Printers, 1893)
Pages 35, 36, 401, and 402.

Genealogies of the Potter Families and Their Descendants in America to the Present Generation, with Historical and Biographical Sketches
By Charles E. Potter.
Part 8, page 24.

A Potter-Richardson Memorial.  The Ancestral Lines of William W. Potter of Michigan and his wife Margaret (Richardson) Potter.
Compiled by Doreen Potter Hanna et al.
Page 216.

Memorial of Thomas Potts, Junior, Who Settled in Pennsylvania; with an Historic-Genealogical Account of His Descendants to the Eighth Generation
By Mrs. Thomas Potts James.
(Cambridge, Privately Printed, 1874.)
Page 309.

The Ancestry and The Descendants of John Pratt of Hartford, Conn.
By Charles B. Whittelsey.
(Hartford, Connecticut, Case, Lockwood & Bainard Company, 1900)
Page 161.

A Genealogy of The Descendants of Rev. Jacob Price-- Evangelist - Pioneer
By Geo. F. P. Wanger.
(Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, The Evangelical Press, 1926)
Pages 697 and 698.

The Priest Family; A Collection of Data, Original, Contributed and Selected Concerning Various Branches of the Priest Family
Compiled by Geo. E. Foster.
(Ithica, N.Y., West Hill Press, 1900)
Page 11.

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