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History and Genealogy of the Earles of Secaucus, With an Account of Other English and American Branches
By Rev. Isaac Newton Earle.
(Marquette, Michigan, Guelff Printing Company, 1925)
Page 701.

Descendants of Joseph Easton, Hartford, Conn., 1636-1899
Combiled by William Starr Easton.
(St. Paul, Minnesota, 1899)
Pages 75 and 76.

The Ebersol Families in America -- 1727-1937, Including the Leading Clans Who Spell the Name Ebersole, Ebersol, Eversole, Eversull
Compiled by Reverend Charles E. Ebersol, B. A., B. D.
(Lansing, Michigan, Franklin Dekleine Co., 1937)
Pages 91.

The Eddy Family in America.  A Genealogy
Compiled by Ruth Story Devereux Eddy, A. B., A. M..
(Boston, Massachusetts, The Eddy Family Association, Inc., 1930)
Pages 191, 192, 1095, and 1096.

An Eldredge Genealogy
Compiled by Ruth Brown McAllister.
(Denver, Colorado, 1966)
Page 68.

To the Memory of David, German and Edmund Ellsworth, and Published during the Centennial Year of the First Handcart Company, 1856, of which Edmund Ellsworth was Captain
Author unknown.
(Utah Printing Company, no date)
Pages 23, 24, and 25.

Elmer-Elmore Genealogy.  Records of the Descendants of Edward Elmer, of Braintree, Eng., and Hartford, Conn., Through His Son Edward 1632-1899
Compiled by Rev. William W. Johnson
(North Greenfield, Wisconsin, Published by the Compiler, 1899)
Page 36.

Record of the Descendants of James Ensign and His Wife Sarah Elson, 1634 - 1939 - 1960
By Martha Eunice Ensign Nelson.
(Date unknown)
Pages 236 and  609.

Descendants of Andrew Everest of York, Maine
By Winifred Lovering Holman, S. B., F. A. S. G.
(Wausau, Wisconsin, 1955)
Pages 118, 119, and 120.

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