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Descendants of Thomas Dakin of Concord, Mass.
Compiled by Albert H. Dakin.
(Rutland, Vermont, The Tuttle Publishing Company, Inc., date 1948)
Page 416.

The Dana Family in America
By Elizabeth Ellery Dana.
(Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1956)
Page 116.

Darby-Derby.  John Darby of Marblehead, Massachusetts and His Descendants.   Five Generations.
Compiled by Samuel C. Derby.
Pages 110, 111, 116, and 118.

Samuel Davis of Oxford, Mass., and Joseph Davis of Dudley, Mass., and Their Descendants
Compiled by George L. Davis.
(North Andover, Massachusetts, George L. Davis, Publisher, 1884)
Pages 216 and 217.

History of the Davis Family [John Davis of England, East Hampton, L.I.]
By Albert H. Davis.
(New York, T. A. Wright, Publisher and Printer, 1888)
Pages 38, 39 and 40.

Family History, A brief history of the Davison-Clarke Families with the Atkin, Rice and Rowley connection from 1630 to 1936
By Angelo F. Atkin.
Pages 8 to 13, inclusive.

Ancestors of Frank Herbert Davol and his Wife, Phebe Downing Willits.
By Josephine Frost.
Page. 194.

A History of the William Dean Family of Cornwall, Conn. and Canfield, Ohio
By B. S. Dean, Hiram, Ohio and J. E. Dean, Pittsburg, PA
Pages 42 and 46.

The DeLongs of New York and Brooklyn
By Thomas A. DeLong.
(Southport, Connecticut, SASCO Associates, 1972)
Pages 81 and 115.

1977 Supplement to Denison Genealogy of 1963
By Josephine Middleton Peck, et al.
(Gateway Press, 1963)
Page 55.

The Devendorf Family
Compiled by Col. Ola Walter Bell, U.S. A.
(St. Johnsonville, New York, Enterprise and News, 1932)
Pages 4 and 5.

A Genealogy of the Family of Devereaux of the Line of Jonathan Devereaux
Compiled by Cyril Allyn Herrick and Charles F. Haight.
(Lansing, Michigan, Charles F. Haight, 1929)
Pages 8, 9, 216, 217,  and 220.

The Dewees Family
By Mrs. Philip E. LaMunyan.
(Norristown, PA, William H. Roberts, 1905)
Pages 43, 54, and 127.

Descendants of Andrew Dewing of Dedham, Mass.
By Benjamin Franklin Dewing.
(Boston, 1904)
Pages 93 and 94.

A History of the Doggett-Daggett Family
By Samuel Bradlee Doggett.
(Boston, Rockwell and Churchill, 1894)
Page 432.

The Doty-Doten Family in America
Compiled by Ethan Allen Doty.
(Brookly, New York, 1897)
Page 851.

The Descendants of Henry Doude Who Came from England in 1639
Compiled by Rev. W. W. Dowd, A. M.
(Hartford, Connecticut, Case Lockwood & Brainard Company, 1885)
Page 104.

A Collection of Family Records with Biographical Sketches, and Other Memoranda of Various Families and Individuals Bearing the Name Douglas or Allied to Families of that Name
Compiled by Charles Henry James Douglas
(Providence, Rhode Island, E. L. Freeman & Co., 1879)
Pages 91 and 163.

The Descendants of John Drake of Windsor, Connecticut
Compiled by Frank B. Gay.
(Rutland, Vermont, The Tuttle Company, 1933)
Pages 91, 101, and 147.

The Drapers in America, Being a History and Genealogy of Those of That Name and Connection
By Thomas Waln-Morgan Draper, C. E.; M. E.
(New York,John Polhemus Printing Company, 1892)
Pages 154 and 155.

The American Descendants of Chretien Du Bois of Wicres, France
Compiled by William Heidgerd.
(New Paltz, New York, Huguenot Historical Society, 1973)
Pages 670, 840, 870, and 941.

The Dulin Family in America
By Roberta Dulin Stewart.
(Ann Arbor, Michigan, Braun-Brumfield, Inc., 1961)
Page 29.

Dunham Genealogy.  Deacon John Dunham of Plymouth, Massachusetts.   1589-1669 and His Descendants
Compiled by Isaac Watson Dunham, A. M.
(Norwich, Connecticut, Bulletin Print, 1907)
Pages 25, 28, and 29.

The E. C. Dunham Family
By Ethel Collins Dunham.
Pages 6, 7, 8, and 9.

The Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, R. I.
By Wm. F. Reed.
(Washington, D. C., Gibson Bros., Vol. 1, 1902; Vol. 2, 1905 )
Volume 1, page 54.  Volume 2, pages 153, 427, and 428.

The History of the Descendants of John Dwight, of Dedham, Mass., Vol. 1
By Benjamin W. Dwight.
(New York, John F. Trow & Son, Vol. 1, 1874)
Page 700.

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