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Descendants of Nicholas Cady of Watertown, Mass., 1645-1910
By Orrin Peer Allen.
(Palmer, Massachusetts, Press of C. B. Fiske & Co., 1910)
Page 341.

Genealogy of the Calkins Family
By Mrs. Turney Sharps.
(Fairfield, Connecticut, 1949)
Pages 55, 60, 133, 148, and 271.

Notes on Descendants of Duncan Campbell of Ireland and some Descendants of John S. Darby of Kentucky
Edited by Gerald M. Petty.
(Columbus, Ohio; 1966)
Page 383.

A Genealogical History of the Rehoboth Branch of the Carpenter Family in America
By Amos B. Carpenter.
(Amherst, Massachusetts, Press of Carpenter & Morehouse, 1898)
Pages 511 and 583.

Some Descendants of Thomas Carrier of Andover and Billerca, Massachusetts
By George S. May.
Page 72.

Thomas Carrier and his wife Martha Allen
Compiled by Helynn M. Carrier.
(San Jose, California, 1988)
Page. 36.

Carson-Bent-Boggs, Line of William Carson, Ancestor of "Kit" Carson
Compiled by Quantrille D. McClung.
(Denver, Colorado, Denver Public Library, Publisher, 1962)
Pages 158 and 159.

The Chaffee Genealogy
By William H. Chaffee.
(New York, The Grafton Press, MCMIX [1909])
Pages 415, 416, and 531.

Champion Genealogy
Compiled by Francis B. Trowbridge.
(New Haven, 1891)
Pages 38, 39, 40, 63, 64, 80, 88, 89,  107.

The Chapman Family, Descendants of Robert Chapman
By Rev. F. W. Chapman, A. M.
(Hartford, Connecticut, Case, Tiffany and Company MDCCCLIV)
Page 76.

Our Family History, Descendants and Ancestors of Our Great Grandparents, John and Charlostte (Phelps) Chartier-Carter, etc.
By Ethelmae Eylar Carter.
(Minneapolis, Minnesota, Burgess Publishing Co., 1958)
Pages 359 and 360.

Seven Generations of the Descendants of Aquila and Thomas Chase
Compiled by John Carroll Chase, et al.
(Derry, New Hampshire, 1928)
Pages 515 and 516.

William Chase, 1595-1659, Yarmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants
By Gladys Marie Chase.
(Date unknown)
Pages 90 and 177.

Genealogy of the Descendants of William Chesebrough of Boston, Rehoboth, Mass.
By Anna Cheseborough Wildey.
(New York, 1903)
Pages 76 and 78.

The Chipman Famil, A Genealogy of the Chipmans in America, 1681-1920
By Bert Lee Chipman.
(Winston-Sallem, North Carolina, Bert L. Chipman, Publisher, date unknown)
Pages 158 and 159.

Descendants of Captain Samuel Church of Churchville
Compiled by Etta A. Emens.
(Rochester, New York, 1920)
Page 20.

The Churchill Family in America
Compiled by Gardner Asaph Churchill, Nathaniel Wiley Churchill.
Pages 309 and 310.

Our Family Museum, A Collection of Family History Notes [Churchyard]
By James Nohl Churchyard.
(Costa Mesa, California, 1976)
Page C8.2.

The Clapp Memorial.  Record of the Clapp Family in America
By Ebenezer Clapp.
(Boston, David Clapp & Son, Publishers, 1876)
Page 55.

The Clay Family
By Mrs. Mary Rogers Clay.
(Louisville, Kentucky, John P. Morton & Company, 1899)
Pages 111, 112, and 163.

The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families
By Edmund Janes Cleveland.
Pages 380, 602, 1342, and 1415.

Robert Coe, Puritan.  His Ancestors and Descendant, 1340-1910
By J. Gardner Bartlett.
(Boston, Massachusetts, 1911)
Pages 221, 240, 318, and 466.

The Cogswells in America
By E. O. Jameson.
Page 434.

The Cole Genealogy, Part IV
Author unknown.
(Date unknown)
Page 186.

The Collins-Caldwell Genealogy
By -------- Lofquist.
(Date unknown)
Page 13.

Colver-Culver Family Genealogy
By Valerie Dyer Giorgi.
(Santa Maria, California, 1984)
Pages 81, 119, 121, 137, 359, and 583.

Some Descendants of Samuel Comstock of Providence, R.I.
By C. B. Comstock.
(New York, The Knickerbocker Press, 1905)
Page 125.

A History and Genealogy of the Comstock Family in America
By John Adams Comstock.
(Los Angeles, California, The Commonwealth Press Inc., 1949)
Page 24.

Some Accounts of the Cone Family in America
By William W. Cone.
(Topeka, Kansas, 1903)
Pages 19, 20, 27, 145, 282, and 283.

Thomas Cooke of Rhode Island
Compiled by Jane Fletcher Fiske.
(Boxford, Massachusetts, 1987)
Page 309.

Koons and Coons Families of Eastern New York
Compiled by William Solyman Coons.
(Rutland, Vermont, The Tuttle Publishing Company, Inc., 1937)
Pages 120 and 121.

Obadiah Cooper (Tailor at Albany, N.Y., from 1713-1742), his Wife, Cornleia (Gardinier) Cooper, and Their Descendants
By M. Grace Wilmarth.
Pages 129 and 130.

Genealogy of the Cornell Family, Being an Account of the Descendants of Thomas Cornell of Portsmouth, R. I.
By the Rev. John Cornell, M. A.
(New York, Press of T. A. Wright, 1902)
Pages 70, 71 and 72.

William Cornwall and His Descendants
By Edward E. Cornwall, M. D.
(New Haven, The Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor Company, 1901)
Page 113.

Ancestors and Descendants of Rheuben Courtright
Compiled by Pardon and Harriett Head.
(Marshalltown, Iowa, Marshall Printing Company, 1915)
Pages 30, 35, and 53.

Cowdrey-Cowdery-Cowdray Genealogy.  William Cowdery of Lynn, Massachusetts, 1630, and His Descendants
By Mary Bryant Alverson Nehling.
(Frank allaben Genealogical Company, 1911)
Page 295.

Genealogy of the Cowles Families in America, Volume I
Compiled by Colonel Calvin Duvall Cowles.
(New Haven, Connecticut, The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Co., 1929)
Page 651.

A Genealogy of the Curtiss-Curtis Family of Stratford, Connecticut
Compiled by Harlow Dunham Curtis.
(Stratford, Connecticut, Curtiss-Curtis Society, date unknown)
Pages 130, 255, and 256.

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